Basket Weaving Classes

At Magnolia Baskets, we offer basket weaving classes showing you how to use space dyed reed and cane ...

Lazy Susan. 12 1/2 dia  6" Indian corn accents is spins 

What's New

Will be out of town January 20 to February 5. Teaching.  Weaving in the Sunshine State January 23-24. Georgia Basket Assoc. February 1-4

We Now Have Reed and Nantucket Baskets

 We are now selling our baskets , and will make similar baskets once the originals are sold.  These baskets are made at Magnolia Baskets, and use our dyed reed!  We have a wide variety, including Nantucket, Traditional, Jail House, Round Baskets, Lazy Susans, Purses, Bird Houses, Sand Pails, Bread Baskets, Trays, Shelf Baskets, and many more!   Click here to see the variety of baskets and to order them!

"I received my order yesterday & just wanted to tell you thanks so much. The color is spectacular. Very vibrant. I will definitely order from you again." Valorie

One of our Jewel Wine Space Dyed Reed



Add a few drop of fabric softner to your water when wetting dyed reed, helping to keep your dyed reed as dyed as possible and to prevent bleeding. Your natual reed should be wetter than yours dyed reed, so that the dyed reed wick that water to it without color and not the natural reed wicking from the dyed reed with color. The dryer you weave with both the better.


Cane has two sides the right sided is the bark and only take the dye in some places. The wrong side of the cane is porous and take the dye very good.  You can weave with either side. Using the right side give you a mute look. Using the wrong side out will give you a bright look.

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PLEASE READ: When you place an order, you will be charged for the items only, THEN when we determine the shipping charge (using standard USPS or UPS charges), we will send you a separate invoice for shipping.  If you have any questions, please email us!

Please allow two to three weeks for delivery. I do not keep large stock so that reed and cane is fresh. Weather can cause longer delay.  If it is rainy or very humid I do not dye.

All package are shipped USPS Priority Mail (Eastern Coast 1 - 2 days;  Midwest 1 - 3 days; West Coast 2- 5 days) and this comes with tracking and email notification but if you would like save on shipping, we can ship USPS Ground for less.  You will have to request this and we will send a refund for the different in shipping, but can take up to 10 days for West Coast.  Alaska may required addition shipping and time.

All color are hand mixed and not all colors, sizes or large quantities are in stock.  They will be dyed as soon as time and weather permits but this can take some time to dye and dry.  We like the reed or cane to dye for at least 10 days to two weeks. If the weather is damp or very cold this can take some additional time.  If you do not have this extra time please note this on your order.

I teach and vend out of town several times during the year so I can not dye during these times.

Additional shipping fees may apply for orders from Alaska or Hawaii, so please call for shipping charges.

Cane Dye and Space Dye: All sizes except 2.0 and 2.5 are now special orders.

Reed Dye and Space Dyed: All size larger that 1/2" are now special order.

3/8 flat oval and larger are now special order.

Once an order is placed, please add two to three weeks to dye dry and ship.  Thank you for your patience!

Prices Increase

Reed and Cane prices are going up with every shipment we receive, since supplies are being held up in China.  These prices are for current stock and  will increase as I dye new reed and cane.  Thank you for your understanding.

Click Here to Peruse our Current Prices.


Our Woodland Nantucket Retreat

Woodland Retreat, Magnolia, Delaware

April 27-30, 2017

June 22- 25, 2017

August 24 - 27, 2017

 October 19 - 23 , 2017

ATTENTION:  Please contact me and I can email a booklet (302-335-3635 or )

About the Retreat:

  • 4-day Pick Your Projects, each day 9 am to 5pm with light breakfast and lunch 
  • The studio in Delaware is surrounded with woods creating a relaxing atmosphere. Class space is limited to insure personal attention for every student. The Retreats are designed to fit your needs.
  • The Retreats have been re-designed. Every Retreat has 2 options-4 days (Thursday through Sunday) or 3 days (Friday through Sunday) - you may choose the time that best suits your schedule and/or your project choice(s). We have added new projects and included the past favorites.
  • Students will have several different options for the weekend. This year there are so many requests and choices available. We will focus on developing patterns (twills/ steps) in Nantuckets and using hardwood staves/dyed/space dyed cane. (WE HAVE SEVERAL NEW PATTERNS)
  • The retreats are limited to 12 people with one teacher, Denise Bendelewski
  • If there is a Nantucket you have been dying to make we would be glad to help you make your dreams come true


Our Classes

Basket Weaving Classes


We offer basket weaving classes, specializing in using space dyed reed and cane to make very unique baskets.  Check back to see our schedule of classes, to be posted soon!





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